A Matter of Mint and Death

By 17th May 2022 Creative Practice

Another example of philosophising through doing.

Was getting this mint out of the boiler cupboard and wondered if drying herbs – something we as a species have done for millenia – is a form of human:non-human collaboration?

Any creative act is an act that challenges the status quo, since you’re bringing something into being that wasn’t there before (or would’ve been different if you didn’t act).

If I didn’t dry out these mint leaves, they would have long rotted and gone back to the earth… but instead, their essence has been suspended in time because of me. If the status quo in this instance was decay, did we together ‘create’ an alternate way of being for the mint? Is this an artistic process in itself? A significantpl performative act? In arty terms, am I the Producer, the mint the Performer?

Then, assuming the mint has some sort of sentience… what would they think and feel about being suspended in time like this? Especially as there’s no real way of offering permission… does the mint care? Outraged? Or is the mint chuffed to bits that it has a chance to ‘live’ a little longer?

Has the mint defied death? Even temporarily? If not, when did it die? What is death to a plant anway? If we accept that plants and trees are able to communicate (they do, look it up) then what’s to say they don’t have a notion of the afterlife? If so, what would that look like?

Are these dried leaves actually bundles of (really lovely smelling) corpses?


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