Bach Remedies and Homeopathy (Unit 22)

By 17th April 2022 May 11th, 2022 Master Herbalist Course

Master Herbalist Diploma: Unit 22: Bach Remedies and Homeopathy

Learning outcome:

Detail the remedies mentioned, their uses and safety

  • Negative emotions affect how chi/life force/prana/ki circulates in the body. Recent research shows that chronic feelings produce changes in endocrine chemistry – called psychoneuroimmunology (PNI). Stress may become part of our cells make up? The idea is that if you are strong emotionally, you immune system will be strong in turn. The water in Bach Remedies are said to aquire the memory of the flowers, which can then be transfered to us in a vibrational form. A number of drops of the mother tincture are added to water and sipped.
  • Sun method – place spring or mineral water into a bowl. Don’t touch blossoms but carry them with a leaf, picking blossoms of the same variety from seperate plants if possible. Completely cover the surface of the water with the flowers. Leave the bowl in full sun for about three hours. When the flowers begin to look limp, that’s when their ‘vital force’ has gone into the water. If the sun hasn’t been out for the full three hours, the contents will need to be discarded. After the three hours, lift the blooms out of the water with a twig or leaf and thank them for giving you their life force. Pour the essence into a clean, empty bottle with an equal amount of alcohol (vodka or brandy). Label! Use this method unless it is from leaves or twigs – and then use the boiling method.
  • Boiling method – pick flowers and some twigs. Place at the bottom of a (non-aluminium) saucepan. Cover with spring or mineral water and bring to the boil. Simmer for 30 more minutes using another twig and keep the blossoms and twigs under the water. Remove from the heat source and leave the pan to stand in the open air until cool. Filter cooled liquid into a bottle with an equal volume of alcohol (vodka or brandy). Label!

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