Thoughts on the Barren Lunar Phase

By 29th March 2022 May 13th, 2022 Creative Practice

Just a quick one.

Caught myself reflecting on how difficult I’m finding it during this ‘barren’ phase of Lunar Planting. This is the period in which you allow plants to rest, and not do sow seeds or transplant seedlings.

I’m finding it tough. I’ve got plugs which need planting, else they might die. And a plant order I made weeks ago is being dispatched this week… in the middle of the barren phase.

The New moon is on Friday, so lunar-wise, I can start planting on Saturday. But this is more leaves then flowering plants. Things won’t last another 2 weeks or so.

I suppose this is part of it. Life doesn’t work to lunar schedules. I feel as if I need to ‘be in for a penny, in for a pound’ with lunar gardening, so to do otherwise feels wrong.

Why is that? Why do I feel the need to be absolute? To do things perfectly?

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