Butterfly Cities

By 26th February 2022 Creative Practice

As part of Hull Friends of the Earth, I volunteered to tend a FoE stall at Constable Street Allotment in West Hull, as part of a Butterfly City event.

People were welcome to grab themselves a Buckthorn sapling (they’re great for butterflies), have some cake, have a look at the FoE and Transition Hull stalls, swap some seeds and choose some plants to take home.

I really, really enjoyed myself. The sun was shining, the company was great, I met an old friend, and I felt at ‘home’ in the great outdoors. I was astounded by how wholesome and cosy it felt, how comfortable I felt, despite being around people who were basically strangers.

I also got hold of some permaculture resources, which I intend to have a look through and educate myself better on how to apply permaculture to both my gardening and my artistic, creative practice.

It felt good to be in the outdoors, with people, doing meaningful things in the community.

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