Chinese Herbal Medicine (Unit 17)

By 29th March 2022 May 11th, 2022 Master Herbalist Course

Master Herbalist Diploma: Unit 17: Chinese Herbal Medicine

Learning outcome:

Understand the concept of Chinese Medicine

  • based on the concept of Yin and Yang, and that everything in the universe needs to be balanced.
  • Chi (Ki in Japan, Prana in India) is defined as an energy that permeates throughout the universe. If it flows smoothly, all is well. If it is blocked or stagnated, problems occur.
  • Failing to nurture the body and trying to keep other people happy are ‘western diseases’. Food, rest and leisure replace the chi normally. Very wise words.
  • Diagnosis involves using four distinct basic disciplines: looking, hearing, asking and feeling.
  • Oldest book about herbal remedies is the Ben Gao – written by the ancient ruler Shen Nung/Red Emperor.

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