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By 16th March 2022 March 30th, 2022 Creative Practice

I find tarot to be a very helpful reflective and insightful tool in life in general, but also more recently, in my own creative practice. It doesn’t matter to me whether it’s simply an intuitive mirror to help me view new perspectives, or some kind of method for ‘tapping-into-the-universe’… it works, it helps, and so I stand by it’s wisdom!

I developed this ‘Creative Insight Spread’ to help me assess and identify why I feel blocked yet overwhelmed, and help me move through it.

So I did a reading for myself.

1. Top left: What should I focus on first? Magician

2. Bottom left: What do I need to pay special attention to in moving forwards? 10 of swords

3. Second one in: What am I missing? Ace of wands

4. Centre below: What’s blocking me? 9 of swords

5. Centre above: What will help my creative flow? Mother/Queen of Pentacles

6. Last but one: What are the potential outcomes? Heirophant

7. Right: Any other suggestions, advice or insight? Daughter/Page of Swords

Lots of swords also suggest the importance of making change, being courageous and ambitious, whilst also being mindful that action can be both constructive or destructive. Don’t be overly critical Lauren!


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