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By 7th May 2022 Creative Practice, Musings

I went on a work research trip to Rotterdam this week. We only had one full day there – but by gods, did we cram a lot in! I saw some artwork and enjoyed some vistas that relate to my art and my practice-based geopoetical practice… which I’m recording and documenting here. I’m not offering critical or reflective analysis on any of them, but simply bringing attention to them as related to my interests or as sources of inspiration and ideas.


Unknown artist outside the Natuurhistorisch (Natural History Museum). Big, nature-based public art sculpture!


It happens when the body is anatomy of time (2020), Ernesto Neto, Kunsthal. It smells absolutely divine. This uses natural material (spices) to engage the senses in a real embodied way.

Flaming Tape (2021), Zilvinas Kempinas, Kunsthal. Those lines! That movement!

Sylvette (1969), Carl Nesjar, Public. Beautiful use of line in sculpture.


Watery Ecstatic, Ellen Gallagher (unknown year), Kunstitut Melly– the quality of line and colour is lovely on the watercolour paper, but what I appreciate the most is how form/line is cut out from the paper, and layered?


Title unknown, Henk Kapitein? (date unknown), Natuurhistorisch (Natural History Museum). Difficulty understanding who exactly the artist is or the title/exhibiton work as no English translations were offered. This however, is an example of the incredible paper cutting work on show. They were all based around tree imagery. Such a stunning way to create line – technique to create sculpture?


Information that went with the ‘In Search of the Pluriverse’ exhibition at the Het Nieuwe Institutt. Just some lovely contextual thinking and references I needed to capture, as many of the themes and practices relate exactly to the things I’m exploring.


Sourdough Revolution, Kombucha Culture (2020-), Asli Hatipoglu – Het Nieuwe Institutt – She makes creative collaborations between humans and microbes, and encourages participation with her audience. You can sing to kombucha, and take a sourdough starter (which I did!).


Drach 1-13 (2021), Miek Zwambom, Het Nieuwe Institutt – Oh look! Someone else who’s done tree rubbings to start a conversation with nature! I don’t really think these are that interesting in all honesty, just recording as it’s something I’ve also done.


Playbook for Healing Environments (2019-21), Komelia Dimitrova, Het Nieuwe Institutt – Not a fan of the plastic-ness of it all but I love the immersive experience this invites the viewer to experience.


Didn’t catch the title or artistHet Nieuwe Institutt -These were instructions that went with a series of big, suspended, rag ball things (no photo), the idea being that you’d go in and have a spiritual experience. I stuck my head into one but it made me feel really uncomfortable… there was nothing really in it anyway (probably the point?). But I like the instructional, participatory and spiritual element of it.

Human Power PlantHet Nieuwe Institutt – I’m not sure who this was by, but I really like how it illustrates all the benefits of fire, where nothings wasted as part of a circular economy.




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