Flower Essences / Chakras (Unit 23)

By 19th April 2022 May 11th, 2022 Master Herbalist Course

Master Herbalist Diploma: Unit 23: Flower Essences

Learning outcome:

Understand the relation of colour to the Chakras

  • Colours of bach flowers are just as important as the essences in healing. Choose the flower essence with the needed corresponding chakra colour.
  • Nothing really new here to me really. Lists the associations between the sympathetic gland assisted, sympathetic organ/body part assisted, sympathetic body system assisted, life quality, personality (if chosen as a favourite colour) and which chakra.
  • RED – adrenals, kidneys/bladder/legs, muscles/blood, self-awareness, outgoing/active/physical, root chakra
  • ORANGE – ovaries/testes, sexual organs/colon, digestive system/lymphatic system, self-respect, sociable/creative, sacral chakra
  • YELLOW – pancreas, liver/gallbladder/spleen, automatic nervous system, self-worth, quick/alert mind/sunny, solar plexus
  • GREEN – thymus, heart/arms. circulatory system/para-sympathetic nervous system, self-love, caring/empathy for others, heart chakra
  • TURQUOISE/BRIGHT BLUE – thyroid, para-thyroid/throat/ears, respiratory system/venous blood, self-expression, peaceful/quiet/introverted, throat chakra
  • PURPLE – pituitary, eyes/nose, skeletal system, self-responsibility, fresh/creative, third eye chakra
  • WHITE – pineal, brain, central nervous system/spine/psyche, self-knowledge and selflessness, loving/spiritual/creative, crown chakra

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