Magic of the North Gate

By 8th May 2021 Creative Practice

As part of my exploration into my own spiritual connection with the Earth and by extension the planes I inhabit, I have begun a course called Quareia, an in depth course into magick (which has a Western Occultism slant to it). Although I think I may be more naturally inclined to informal folk practices (such as herbalism), I am very drawn to the esotericism and ritual. Q has this refreshingly straightforward no-bullshit approach too, and is completely free to access.

I am still very early on in the process (it could literally take years to move from Apprentice to Adept lol) and will possibly sit alongside other things I do already. Anyway, that’s another story.

Although I consider this spiritual practice to be somewhat seperate to my arts practice (for now at least), Q places a heavy focus on connection to the Earth and listening to nature. Nature is the source of magick. Therefore, there is some relevance here.

This essay, Magic of the North Gate, is from the woman at the heart of Quareia, Josephine McCarthy, and was recommended to me on the Q subreddit.

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