Hull Environmental Organisations

By 15th August 2021 Creative Practice

I’m collating information about fantastic Hull-based environmental/nature organisations, all of whom are amazing in their own right, so I have an easily accessible ‘little green book’.

I’ve tried to get in touch with a few previously – either for arts based opps or generally to volunteer my time and skills (and learn!) – but haven’t had much luck with replies… Many are grassroots or may not be active, it’s sometimes quite difficult to tell.

I’m only including ones that are reasonable for me to access at this moment in time.

Down to Earth (HU5) – supporting local people to connect with growing, the broader natural environment, and each other

Hull Community Diggers (HU3) – renovating public spaces for community use

Pickering Community Orchard (HU4)

Hull Friends of the Earth

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust – Pearson Park (HU5) – great organisation but seldom any opps near me

Rubbish Friends – litter picking organisation

Hull Trees

Gardens and Open Spaces Hull – not an organisation, but more a city-wide noticeboard for green stuff

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