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I intend for my existing and ongoing professional practice to count towards my MA. So I’ll be sharing some examples of professional documentation for Craig to look at and enjoy (hello future Craig).

For others who may stumble across this post, please feel free to use the real life invoices below to inspire your own invoices. I make up a blank template in Word (including the bits that will remain the same no matter the invoicee), save it as is, and then just edit it when I’ve got monies to be collecting. I’ve redacted personal details though, obviously… I see you identity thieves!

Firstly, here’s the format I currently use when invoicing commissioners, producers, whoever as part of my own personal freelance practice: And this one is a branded one that I created on behalf of The Critical Fish. I made this one as a sharable template, so that anyone producing a funded project on behalf of Fish (be that myself, Jill – my co-Director, or whoever else) has it there available to use with all Fish’s bank details and everything on. The way we work, as per our constitution, is that everyone operating under the banner of Fish is a freelancer – although incoming funds need to be paid into the Fish bank account and then any Artist Fees due then get paid back out by myself and Jill (as co-Finance Officers). This is how we keep everything transparent within the organisation.

And there we are! A really dull blog post on invoices!!

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