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By 21st October 2021 February 19th, 2022 Creative Practice

I need to write a 3000 word literature review on a topic of my choice. It has to be something related to my practice, and what I’m interested in, and something that is going to inform my practical work.

I’m really struggling to find a suitable question to explore to be honest. There’s lots of interrelated areas and I feel like I want to get to the lynchpin of it all. But I don’t know if I can identify what that is. I could deep dive into one topic, but I feel like that lends itself to more descriptive writing than one that demands synthesis. It’s not really what we’re after.

Potential themes for my literature review
  • Expanded field of drawing
  • Environmental ethics
  • Nature
  • Community / activism
  • Magic / Ritual / Folk / Occult
  • Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK)
  • Nature Connectedness
  • Geopoetics / Geoartistic

I’ve thrown these key words (in different combinations) into EBSCO and basically nothing has shown up that feels super relevant. Is this a good thing? That no-ones looked into the specific areas that I’m interested in?

I’m gonna brain-dump some potential avenues, some of which I know are crap…

Potential Questions/Topics
  • Expanded field of drawing; what actually is it?
  • Deep dive into environmental ethics
  • drawn line in nature
  • Use of line in TEK
  • Use of line in folk/magic/occult
  • ethics surrounding creative environmental intervention
  • Application of drawing in natural environments
  • (Expanded field of) drawing as a tool for Nature Connectedness
  • Eco philosophy in relation to drawing
  • visual culture of nature-based esotericism
  • Translating nature connectedness into drawing
  • Geopoetically drawing in the expanded field
  • drawing as a geopoetical tool

Lots of words there, I know! I don’t know if anyone else can see the elusive ‘thing’ I’m grasping for? Or is all these far too broad for a 3000 word essay? Likely.


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