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Strange Stories | Amazing Facts

Reader’s Digest Book of Strange Stories | Amazing Facts, 1975 Reader’s Digest (UK)

This was one of my Top 3 books growing up (the other two were to do with Ancient Egyptians and a ‘How to’ book): I was absolutely not your average 90s/00s kid!!

This book is almost 50 years old and a lot of the ‘science’ and ‘facts’ have been disproven (for example, the book argues that we’re entering another ice age and that the glacier ice caps will soon expand and thus we need to put black plastic over the oceans to keep the heat in the atmosphere). But there’s some really interesting leads and theories regarding the nature of things, and other references to cultural, folk and occult practices. So it remains in my Creative Practice library.

I only literally came to this conclusion last night, but all throughout my life (as far back as I can remember) I’ve always been drawn to the ‘other’. My art practice has always skirted the ‘other’ as well. And philosophy.

Philosophy and ‘the other’, which are inextricably linked.

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Environmental Ethics

Environmental Ethics: An Introduction to Environmental Philosophy (Third Edition) by Joseph R. Des Jardins, 2001, Wadsworth (Canada)

This is a behemoth of a 273 page degree-level philosophy textbook. It’s a bit of a hard, dense read but it’s a goldmine resource for me.

No one is too small to make a difference

No one is too small to make a difference by Greta Thunberg, 2019, Penguin Books (UK)

Bit of a cliché one these days to have 😂 I got it when the student strikes And Extinction Rebellion was in full swing, back when I participated in XR (before ‘they’ alienated most of their team!).


Can Environmental Philosophy save the world?

Podcast: The Philosophers Zone

“What can we learn from Easter Island and the collapse of other civilisations? Environmental philosopher, political activist and ecofeminist Val Plumwood believes that we need a new ethics to bring us into harmony with the natural world and perhaps avoid the devastation presently facing us on a global scale.”

Magic of the North Gate

As part of my exploration into my own spiritual connection with the Earth and by extension the planes I inhabit, I have begun a course called Quareia, an in depth course into magick (which has a Western Occultism slant to it). Although I think I may be more naturally inclined to informal folk practices (such as herbalism), I am very drawn to the esotericism and ritual. Q has this refreshingly straightforward no-bullshit approach too, and is completely free to access.

I am still very early on in the process (it could literally take years to move from Apprentice to Adept lol) and will possibly sit alongside other things I do already. Anyway, that’s another story.

Although I consider this spiritual practice to be somewhat seperate to my arts practice (for now at least), Q places a heavy focus on connection to the Earth and listening to nature. Nature is the source of magick. Therefore, there is some relevance here.

This essay, Magic of the North Gate, is from the woman at the heart of Quareia, Josephine McCarthy, and was recommended to me on the Q subreddit.