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I’ve been researching into new Earth-based or spirit-based meditations, and trying them out on top the general breathing and grounding exercises I do regularly. Basically all of the meditative earth-based ideas I’ve discovered across the internet is basically about doing whatever mindfully in nature (e.g. walking barefoot in the woods, watering plants) or breathing in the healing essence of nature and sending back out love. These are great and perfectly valid but I’m looking for something a bit more beyond what I already do. So I’ve gone back into looking at magic and the occult for more intuitive/spiritual developmental practices instead. If left undistracted and familiar with the exercise, I can now meditate for about an hour or so quite comfortably.

I practiced Quaeria meditations quite regularly in the past so I thought this would be a good place to start up again to both see which ones work for me but also to continue developing my own intuitive skills (so that I may better communicate with the non-human). With Quaeria, I did what I’m not meant to do and ‘skipped ahead’ in the course to get a sense of newer meditations and practices to test – whoops.

These are the ones I’ve (re)tried in recent weeks:

  • Quaeria (Q) M1 ‘first meditation’ exercise – focusing on the third eye, breathing in white smoke, breathing out black smoke.
  • Q M1 ‘second meditation’ exercise – breathe in white through the right nostril, red through the left, blue through both.
  • Q M1 ‘inner flame’ exercise – visualising a gentle, warm, nourishing inner flame in your minds eye
  • Q M3 ‘visionary exercise’ – remembering something from 5 years ago, 5 days ago, 10 years ago, 10 days ago
  • Q M3 ‘visionary – navigating a space’ – Stage 1 – stepping out from the body, look at self and the room you’re in, walking to the next room, and the next, until each room of the house is viewed. Stage 2 – leaving the house, down the street and into a building

I made some notes but I found it really difficult to do so regularly, let alone after each meditative thing I do – I realise my day is made up of lots of little meditative moments, which work better for me than sustained ‘formal meditations’. Making notes is also a ‘chore’ but I made an effort. However, I don’t really want to share anything I’ve written with anyone but – more for MA documentation than anything – I will share some bits from when things got interesting…





I’m intending to continue meditating in different ways – both formally and informally. I’m also giving myself some head space before incorporating these ones:

  • Q M5 – ‘inner touch’ exercise – visiting a charity shop, an antique shop and new clothing shop, handling objects to get a sense of how you feel physically and emotionally.
  • Q M5 – ‘inner sense’ exercise – visiting an indie cafe, a corporate food chain (eg. McDs), large chain clothes shop with a niche market, small indie clothes shop, high end health food supermarket, and an ordinary supermarket to get a sense of the different energies – atmosphere, responses, emotions, people, need to spend.
  • Q M5 – ‘inner and outer bounderies’ – explore boundaries of house
  • Beginning anew with Mother Earth –

I’ve not practiced any of the above before so will probably be quite challenging!

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