Scottish Centre for Geopoetics (AGM 2022)

By 12th February 2022 Creative Practice

Saturday 12 February 2022, 1-2.20pm

These aren’t minutes, I’m simply using this as a way to record anything that piques my interest…

  • Only one peoples (Saami?) in Europe is recognised as Indigenous? Look into
  • Just an observation, based on 24/42 meeting participants with their cameras on… my screen looks very Caucasian and very middle aged and older right now… Is there an inclusivity issue here? They’ve just recognised and there’s a discussion on this now, in terms of representation on the board and so on.
  • Literal ‘rock’ music – music made from rocks… slateophones? Stone marimbas? Example on BBC R3.
  • We have arranged more Virtual Geopoetics Conversations at 5 pm GMT:
    Thursday 24 March Alan Spence and Norman Bissell on Eastern Paths, Scottish Book Trust Live Literature funded
    Thursday 19 May Helen Boden and Elizabeth Rimmer on Poetry and Geopoetics
    Thursday 11 August Patrick Corbett and John Gordon on Geology and Geopoetics
    Thursday 29 September Bridie Ashrowan + ? on Collaborations and Geopoetics
    Thursday 24 November Callum Sutherland and Simon Bradley on Education and Geopoetics

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