Seed Paper Making

By 20th April 2022 May 11th, 2022 Creative Practice

Building on the action of burying a drawing, I wondered about what would happen if this paper contained seeds? So I spent some time just playing with that idea.

I affixed poppy seeds (because they’re the ones I have most of) to paper using gum arabic, a biodegradable, water-soluble, natural glue found in trees (e.g. the acacia senegal). Therefore, even if the glue initially inhibits growth, water will wash it away.

I have placed one in the sun to see if it will germinate on the paper. I’m keeping the one on the right hand side moist (which will inevitably mean that the central column will get some moisture too) to just do a comparison test. You can see here that even a light spray of water displaces the seeds (something to remember).


I will also bury some of these test papers during the next correct lunar phase! Although, I quite like these as simple works of art?

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