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By 9th May 2021 July 31st, 2021 Creative Practice
Reader’s Digest Book of Strange Stories | Amazing Facts, 1975 Reader’s Digest (UK)

This was one of my Top 3 books growing up (the other two were to do with Ancient Egyptians and a ‘How to’ book): I was absolutely not your average 90s/00s kid!!

This book is almost 50 years old and a lot of the ‘science’ and ‘facts’ have been disproven (for example, the book argues that we’re entering another ice age and that the glacier ice caps will soon expand and thus we need to put black plastic over the oceans to keep the heat in the atmosphere). But there’s some really interesting leads and theories regarding the nature of things, and other references to cultural, folk and occult practices. So it remains in my Creative Practice library.

I only literally came to this conclusion last night, but all throughout my life (as far back as I can remember) I’ve always been drawn to the ‘other’. My art practice has always skirted the ‘other’ as well. And philosophy.

Philosophy and ‘the other’, which are inextricably linked.

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