The Spiritual Dimension (Unit 25)

By 23rd April 2022 May 11th, 2022 Master Herbalist Course

Master Herbalist Diploma: Unit 25: The Spiritual Dimension

Learning outcome:

Understand the link to the spirit

  • There isn’t much on spirit in this module? It’s all about how to practice as a herbal practitioner.
  • Labelling – name of who its for, name and address of herbal practitioner, directions for use, dosage, liquid preparations for local or topical use to be clearly marked ‘for external use only’, full ingredients, including any additives, ‘keep out of reach of children’, any storage instructions, ‘if symptoms persist please see your doctor’ and ‘not to be used if pregnant’ etc as appropriate, ‘if you are taking other medications from your GP, please tell them about this remedy’.

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