Lauren Saunders

Visual and Participatory Artist

Lauren Saunders (b.1990, London) is a professional visual and participatory artist based in Hull, UK.

She works across community practice, installation, drawing and sculpture, events and (increasingly) performance/song, to drive equitable and meaningful climate action. Through her own experiential lenses of class, feminism and disability, her practice-research centres on expanding the definition of community to include the more-than-human through the cultivation of radical compassion, kindness and kinship with the natural world.

Lauren adheres to a firm ethical protocol and exclusively natural, biodegradable and/or sustainable site-specific materials to draw experimentally in the expanded field.

She typically collaborates with communities (both human and more-than-human) through exploring biodegradable sculpture and land-based installation, natural processes and phenomena, experimental ‘line’ and ceremonious meaning-making, storytelling and ritual/song-based performance.

She is influenced by a holistic range of interdisciplinary practice and research; environmental philosophies and ethics, Permaculture practice, conservation science, climate activism, foraging and growing, ritual and ceremony, my British and Irish indigenous cosomologies/Traditional Ecological Knowledge and my own direct experience of ‘listening’ to the Earth. She often works in co-creation with communities to share these transformational skills, ideas and altered perspectives to help them develop their own meaningful relationships with the Earth.

She maintains a robust professional practice and is an experienced community artsworker with a strong track record of delivering meaningful, accessible artistic commissions and projects within healthcare, education and community environments.  She is also the Co-Director of arts project The Critical Fish (which aims to make conversations about art more inclusive), and the Arts Lead for Hull Friends of the Earth – both of which has a direct impact and influence on her practice. Performaing with musical theatre and choir groups, alongside her background in theatre design, is increasingly having an influence on the work she is now making.


Lauren Saunders

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Visual and Participatory Arts

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