Creeping Expansion vol. 1

Emergence: Power at the Tate Exchange Talk

Young Artists Speak Out

Print Experimentation

Brill – The Critical Fish

Drawing Breath

Drawing Breath

Black and White image of artist Lauren Saunders standing at a podium. The large screen behind her shows two surreal collages she created.

Flux/Us Talk at the Tate Modern

Place to Place: Liverpool Biennial in Hull


Anchovy – The Critical Fish


Think Big!

Raisins D’Etre

Humber Recovery College


Genotin (Untold Hull)

This is a Freedom of Expression Centre

HRI Room Development

Migration, Art and Mental Health

Wellbeing Through Creativity

Palette of Hull

Palette of Hull

Gaga for Dada


Posters in Parliament 2017

Recovery Through Art

NHS projects with Service Users

Der Mischlinger


Modular Clothing