Lauren Saunders (b.1990, London) is a multi-award winning professional visual-participatory artist, researcher and activist based in Hull, UK.

Inspired by environmental philosophy and supported by multi-disciplinary research, she makes work in collaboration with both human and more-than-human communities to promote eco-literacy and radical compassion, kindness and kinship towards the Earth.

Lauren adheres to a firm ethical protocol and exclusively natural, biodegradable and/or sustainable site-specific materials to draw experimentally in the expanded field. She typically explores ‘line’ through page or print but also through foraging, growing, walking, meditation and directly supporting ecosystems via biodegradable sculpture, small-scale land-based installations, direct action and community participation. Environmental philosophies and ethics, cutting-edge scientific research, Traditional Ecological Knowledge and her own direct, earth-rooted experiences inspire and influence her work.

She maintains a robust professional practice and is an experienced community artsworker with a strong track record of delivering meaningful, accessible artistic commissions and projects within healthcare, education and community environments. Lauren is also the Co-Director of arts journal and arts collective The Critical Fish.

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Earthwalking (Summer/Autumn 23)

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