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You are solventesque pools of sparkling wool, of hair and bone like heavy cloud. Full of junk. Full. Of. Junk. I see headless Barbies, condoms, condom wrappers, crappy garden ornaments, more hair, a scorpion, dried flowers, dead flora, pregnancy tests, red jelly, yellow jelly, broken ceramic, plastic animals, warped coathangers, red sluggish lips, used contraceptive pill packets, glass frogs, green frogs, frogs, frogs, lots of frogs, feathers, another scorpion, party streamers, old piping, old fag ends, what looks like a pufferfish, teddies, tins, scraps of metal… is that an unopened Twinkie? …and what look like the leftovers from the other sculptures. Held together by a mysterious and gelatinous blue.

Containment. Rebellion. Protection. Fencing. In-denial. Adolescence. Secrets.

A Tittle-Tattle Tell-A-Tale Heart at Humber Street Gallery, Hull, 12 April–30 June 2019, free entry – Visit now

Image of The Smurfette, sourced here and is courtesy of the Artist and Emalin Gallery

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