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  • I use the body and mind itself as a means of doing research.
  • I know through making:doing:sensing. I build through receptivity. I become inspired by theory. I analyse using the written word. I find purpose in sharing.
  • I work intuitively, and trust in the process and the directions I’m nudged in (even when it pushes my thinking and boundaries).
  • I need my values to align to my work.
  • I lean into the fact that no research can be done objectively, and instead acknowledge and accommodate subjectivity, emotionality and my own influence on research.
  • I am a creative autoethnographer, working with the non-human to learn new ways of being whilst encouraging the human to experience my research.
  • I believe research can be emotional, therapeutic, personal, and social, AND also rigorous, theoretical and analytical.
  • I believe in the application of research – findings should influence your broader practice.
  • I find value and meaning in a wider lens of the world.
  • I care about accessibility, diversity and inclusion, and artistic research is a way to begin and deepen wider conversations.
  • I consider research to be a political, socially-just and socially-conscious act.
  • My core research is around deepening human capacity to empathise with the non-human


CONNECTS TO THEORY CODES: GDGS01 and EPP01 (see Meta-post)

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