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You are, today, of pinks and blues, purples, greys,

You are, historically, of navy skies and fierce waves,

You are of absence, of space, of time,

You are of abandon, of solitude in place.

You are of two views, two lamps, two boxes, two dots,

You are of Persian rugs and Russian bots,

You are of populism, of drama, of politics,

You are of endless scrolling, of marketing tricks.

You are of my uncle, of comfort, of anguish,

You are a pleating of time, a bleating of rubbish,

You are of chance upon a fishbone floor,

You are of entrapment – where is the door?


Written 8.3.22, at 87 Gallery, in 15 minutes. Streams Series 1, Session 2.

Image Credits: 87 Gallery. Artist: Aristotle Roufanis. Exhibition: Worlds Apart, on show at 87 Gallery between 15.01 – 26.03 2022.

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