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Practice in Place at Humber Street Gallery, Hull

Lauren Saunders is exhibiting work at Humber Street Gallery in Practice in Place, a show that culminates the activity of the Fruit Factory Network. You can book your free slot to see the exhibition between 17 September – 13 December 2020 through Eventbrite.

The piece itself is inspired by a quiet moment appreciating nature, and is part of a larger practice-based exploration into environmental ethics and philosophical ideas. Lauren would like to see this deeply personal moment serve as a starting point for others to reflect on their own relationships with nature.

How do you experience the natural world?
What impact do you and the environment have on one another?
Do you feel a sense of responsibility towards the Earth?

How could participation work in a coronavirus-stricken world?

Traditionally, participatory arts has been physically face-to-face and in groups… so how might we create new work together when we can’t occupy the same space at the same time? Developing three potential answers to this, Lauren invites you to build upon this exhibited artwork as an experiment into participation during a pandemic.

Participate in the creation of new work and in developing visual conversations about your own personal relationship with nature/ the environment in any or all of the following ways:

In Humber Street Gallery

To encourage participation whilst keeping it safe for everyone, you are welcome to turn up with pens and pencils and draw directly onto the work when you get there. You can also develop your own related drawings or writings on separate pieces of paper before visiting the gallery (using their booking system)… but to help avoid the spread of infection, you will need to remember to bring your own glue!

If you would like to develop something at home first but need a little direction or inspiration, Lauren has developed a series of pre-made marks and drawings which may help or interest you. These resources can be downloaded from DropBox (click on the button below), printed and collaged with. Feel free to rip up, work into and repurpose these drawings before adding to the exhibited work.

Download Printable Drawing/Collage Materials [Dropbox]


If you are unable (or not ready) to visit Humber Street Gallery to physically take part, you can anonymously add your own drawings, text and responses to the theme on top of the image online. We’ll be experimenting and collaborating in real-time using a browser-based drawing application, so a PC or tablet (with a connected graphics pad, if you have one) is recommended for ease of use.

This option may be confusing to those who are not familiar with layers and digital artworking tools, but here’s a ten minute Youtube tutorial that may be helpful.

To take part, click the button below, make a new layer for yourself and draw/write directly onto the work!

Collaborate online!

Through The Critical Fish

Would you like to contribute to the conversation in a different way? Does reflecting on your own relationship with nature – or environmental responsibility – make you want to respond in a different way?

Or maybe you’re thinking about how these themes relate to Lauren’s work, the work of other artists or current politics? Perhaps you’ve been exploring these themes in your own creative practice and would like to share your own take on the situation. Possibly doodles, poems, vlogs, short performances, lists or brief critical essays are more your thing.

The Critical Fish will be hosting an collaborative online gallery-forum to act as an inclusive space for conversation around these themes. You are welcome to contribute to this practice-led bank of research to learn from, volunteer your perspective and connect to others.

This part of the project will be made live in the coming weeks – keep checking back for updates.

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