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For the sixth year in a row, here’s a whistle-stop run down of my last year. I find these really helpful in remembering things. SO much happened in 2023 – more than usual – that there’s no way I’d ever be able to actually list everything that happened. So this is probably going to read more like a list than a proper review – because it’s already going to take forever!

In addition to the usual, I’ll also be including my 2023 tarot ‘predictions’, which I did at the very end of 2022, plus additional monthly readings I did for my birthday in April. Should be interesting!


Tower (2023 Spread)
Jesus Christ, what a start to the year. Initially thought it would relate to me leaving my current employment this month, but Tower is usually about an ‘unexpected’, sudden change. Might be some unexpected bad news this month then… which hopefully leads to some sort of renewal afterwards (think phoenix rising from the ashes). Or maybe it is just about leaving my job and all the personal, emotional and financial upheaval that’s going to bring – maybe it will end up affecting me more than I anticipated? It’s a Major Arcana card, which suggests its something important in the grand scheme of things. Get ready for whats about to begin?

Start of the year was very eventful for me. It was my last month of working at Absolutely Cultured before finally realising the dream of going full-time self employed. I didn’t have anything particular lined up at all and was a huge risk but it’s something I needed to do. I made a conscious deal with the universe in January that if I demonstrated courage, and trust (in others, in myself, that things would be okay), then the universe would provide.

I was lucky enough to join in with a second round of UNION. I did it in 2019 as an early-career practitioner, whereas this one was aimed at mid-career professionals. It was only four years in between the two programmes, but honestly I’ve grown so much professionally and person in that time. I’m a very different person than I was in 2019.

I was very excited to be on UNION again as it did so much for my confidence last time around. The first weekend residency was in Leeds at ChapelFM, and I met all these incredible, amazing people who were on the programme with me (as well as seeing the lovely facilitators again). Remember that commitment I made to myself about being brave? Well, there was an Open Mic on the Saturday evening. I remember during U19 that I wished I had something to share, and the bravery to perform in the first place. So I thought, HERE GOES and I sang in front of all these relative strangers. I had a few singing lessons at the end of 2022, which I absolutely loved and gave me a little bit of confidence. So I decided – with all the anxiety in the world – to sing two songs. I sang Back to Black by Amy Winehouse and Save Me From Myself by Christina Aguilera. My new friend and UNION fellow Andy accompanied me on Back To Black. It was terrifying – my heart rate reached 163bpm just sat still in my chair waiting to go up. And then I fucking did it. It was a huge thing for me and really started something.

I also started a training course with Hull Friends of the Earth on ‘Building People Power and Campaigns’, which was alright but pretty non-eventful!

When I was brave/trusting: Launching into self-employment without a plan, singing in front of people for the first time.

Tarot review: Pretty accurate wasn’t it? Massive changes, rebuilding, new beginnings.



Son/Knight of Wands (2023 Spread)
Adventure and risk, travel, charm, excitement, ready to go, full of swagger, marching ahead with confidence and leading with your heart.  I can imagine this being the case as I go into my first official month as being fully freelance. Something here that’s about leaning into this optimism and confidence, but be careful not to get myself ‘burnt’ (wands are the suit of fire after all!)

Although I was raring to get going, I tried to give myself a bit of a rest in February to recover from recent stresses, but it took a while. I felt happier and optimistic about what was to come but didn’t want to overwhelm myself trying to force things to happen either, when I really needed to rest. Trust in the universe and everything, right?

I instead chose to spend time with family instead. Went to my Mums 60th shindig in Manchester (a karaoke affair, which I sang at again!) and went to see Rocky Horror with my sister in Manchester the following weekend (we also went karaoking!). Both opportunities to be brave again.

I also did some work at the National Initiative for Creative Education about Spiritual Wellbeing, which was lovely. Some amazing kids and it was reassuring to actually have a bit of work so quickly after going freelance. Also spent this month preparing for upcoming work!

When I was brave/trusting: Singing in front of people again

Tarot review: Kinda accurate… due to me remembering the warning of the cards maybe?



Six of Cups (2023 Spread)
Memories and nostalgia, but also kindness. Roots. Interconnectivity. Either something around meaningful relationships from my past arising, or remembering to connect to ‘that which lies under the surface’. Cups are the emotional suit so something about my relationship to me or with others. Not sure on this one – may make more sense when March rolls around.

Busy month this, the month where I felt like I was connecting with people and moving ahead with worky things. I delivered ReWild: A Space to Be in Scarborough, which was brilliant. I did some work for East Riding LCEP as the Artist Manager, and I started on building the dome at Pearson Park for the ReEnchanted/Where the Beings Are Project.

There was also another UNION weekend, this time in Hull, where the theme was about ‘Anger to Action’. I helped plan this weekend residential, and it was great fun. Did a big networky thing, had an Open Mic at the Adelphi – WHICH I SANG AT AGAIN – and some other lovely things with all these lovely people.

There was also a Hull Friends of the Earth social dinner at Hitchcocks, which was great, and over tasty grub I met some really interesting people and developed relationships with people I already knew.

So in all, a very productive month full of meaningful connection, bravery and fun.

When I was brave/trusting: Singing in front of people again

Tarot review: Hmm… not the most literal at best. Definitely something about laying roots and meaningful relationships, but nothing particularly nostalgic. Bit weak this one I think…



Six of Wands (2023 Spread)
Victoryyyyy! Rising up from a thicket of darkness, of experience. I see this one more about believing in oneself. Maybe I’ll be vibing with this self-employed self as I turn 33 (which symbolically is associated with growth and new beginnings… interesting)

Although there was a bit of work and productivity (mostly in preperation for the bonkers Summer I’d sorted for myself), April was absolutely a time of fun, rest and family (around my birthday especially). I went to visit my mum in the Lakes which was brilliant – lots of outdoor time and experiencing new things. Whilst I was there, we went and did a Stained Glass Mirror workshop and found that I seem to have a knack for it. My sister came and visited me in Hull once I got home, and we went and did an Open Mic again, a karaoke and did a load of other fun stuff. Towards the end of the month I went down to London to explore the galleries, which was great as well. I really had a lovely joyous time in April.

When I was brave/trusting: Singing in front of people again (there’s a theme here…), and taking on massive community projects

Tarot review: Did feel like a victorious month for sure – my depression had lifted and I did a lot of lovely things that month with the people I love.



Four of Swords (2023 Spread)
Harnessing of mental energy, meditative and centered power… and basically having a rest. I have got a (fantastic) rest planned in May, but usually for me this card is a warning for me to not run away with my thoughts and anxieties. Rest, focus, center yourself before taking your next move. Noted.
Eight of Pentacles (2023 Birthday Spread)
So this one is about new beginnings. New growth, the start of something new. Could also be something so because it’s pentacles something around new job opportunity or new contract or new growth, new form of stability. Something like that, something that stays rooted for the future.

May was excellent but also hugely overwhelming and stressful – I was away for two weeks so there was that whole thing of trying to cram in everything that needed before I went away so I could relax and enjoy it. I’d already had two weeks off in April so time was super tight!

I went for a fortnight on the Norfolk Broads with my partner and the dog on a self-led residency. We rented a little cruiser and lived on the boat for two weeks. It was INCREDIBLE, full of outdoorsy activity and exactly what I needed mentally, emotionally and creatively. I can’t even conjure the words needed to describe the experience. Even though it was gogogo the whole time (sailing, exploring villages, hiking, mooching around nature reserves) it was a brilliant rest.

Then it was the third UNION weekend in Newcastle and Sunderland, which again, was great. BUT I had a bit of a mental breakdown whilst I was there. I was feeling really overwhelmed by the intensity of the summer ahead. I had a break from reality when I was in Norfolk so it was easier to push down the anxiety, but it all came rushing back when prompted with reflective exercises during the UNION weekend. It was all great stuff approaching, but I remember describing it all as a ‘gauntlet’. I was really struggling mentally and emotionally.

May was also the start of the ‘BlueGreenZine‘ Critical Fish project with Media Students at Hull 14-16 College, the delivery of a lovely Explorers session at Artlink, and I did really interesting Tree Surveying training with Hull FoE (which sparked some ideas for future projects). May was also when the seeds in my giant seedball were sown!

When I was brave/trusting: Sailing across Breydon Waters in a rainstorm (it was mentally scarring, honestly)

Tarot Review: Rest and Overwhelm were the key themes of this month weren’t they? So fairly accurate there in terms of the Four of Swords. I think it might still be too early to know if the Eight of Pentacles is accurate or not, in terms of if something stays for the future. Although, the Fish project at the College is looking to be an annual thing!



Father/King of Swords (2023 Spread)
This is about being intellectually just and fair, or analytical, or principled. Truth. About having considered mastery over thoughts, thinking things through clearly. Perceptive. Again, feels like advice this one – don’t get flustered (with my upcoming final MA deadline?) and solve one problem at a time. May also refer to an influential/important figure who exhibits these traits that I need to pay attention to.
The Star (2023 Birthday Spread)
So this one’s very much about being in the spotlight about shining about being you know that person who is glowing is about hope. So I think this will have to do with the fact that there’s a number of high profile projects happening at that time. So I think it is literally about being the star of the show!

June was really intense, as it was the start of two big community projects (I tried to plan them to happen separately, but delays with community partners meant they ended up happening simultaneously…urgh). One was Riverspeaking, the other was ReEnchanted / Where The Beings Are. Both amazing experiences that turned out really well, but it was a lot to happen at once. I didn’t rest much at all in June lol. Not much else to say about June because I was just flat out and running on fumes, and literally having to exist one hour at a time and do tasks consecutively. It was tough. And it was so hot as well, if you remember?

I also went on the radio (Ecotime with Alan Raw) and went to an interesting Risky Cities workshop, ‘Watery Archives’, which I really enjoyed.

When I was brave/trusting: Sailing across Breydon Waters in a rainstorm (it was mentally scarring, honestly)

Tarot review: Telling me to not get flustered and do one thing at a time? Lol, yes. And the Star feels accurate, because it was a time of me being in the spotlight in both the projects and on the radio!



Lovers (2023 Spread)
Union, togetherness, love, ease, comfort with loved ones. The obvious interpretation here is that I’m going to have a lovey-dovey month with my other half, but the Lovers never mean that (at least for me). Love/ease with self? My passions? My uplifting relationships in general? Might make more sense in July, who knows. Again, a Major Arcana, so it’s important to my ‘fate’.
Three of Pentacles (2023 Birthday Spread)
This one’s about overcoming mountains and that there’s going to be lots of hard work and determination and potentially stress. But it is about leaning on those around me and asking for help. It’s about teamwork so all they’re all be having lots to do and being really focused and determined. I need to ask those around me for support if I need it

July was also very intense. Probably easier to just reel things off at this point. I met up with my mate Erik (who came up from London), went and saw the Hull Musical Theatre Company production of Joseph, I went to a local Moot to see what that was about, I co-delivered a Friends of the Earth assembly at Driffield Primary School, I started a local Spirituality course, I went to a HU5 People’s Assembly event, I went and saw Blood Brothers at Hull New and co-delivered a workshop on workshops for the Future Ferens lot. There was also a death in my partners family, which was tough. July was also when my MA show was installed… so there was a mad rush to make sure the work was all ready as well as install in the space.

When I was brave/trusting: Nothing particular this month… just getting through it lol.

Tarot Review: Yes, they were accurate. I realise now that the Lovers card was about acute support between me and my partner. I needed him to help me with install (it wouldn’t have happened otherwise due to various reasons) and he needed me to help with processing his step-dads death. It was a month where he played a huge part. The Three of Pentacles made sense too… lots of stress to do with install, and needing to ask for support from people practically and mentally.



Daughter/Page of Swords (2023 Spread)
This is about being honest and direct, having insight, a no nonsense – but kindly – approach to things. Swords are about intellect, ideas, reason and communication… so being direct with others (and myself?) is what I should be doing this month? Simplifying my intentions? Inspiration, anxious enthusiasm and fresh situations?  It’s interesting, the further away in time things are, the more wooly they ‘feel’. I’m usually right in some sense, just not always in the way I pictured…
Eight of Swords (2023 Birthday Spread)
This one makes complete sense for August. It’s August is the month before my MA handing and this is about sort of self-imposed isolation about feeling trapped about feeling the victim feeling trapped and this is probably how I’m going to feel in August whilst I round up my exhibition round up on my valuations and have everything ready for submission in early September

August was bonkers. Not least of all because my exhibition seeds of change launched near the start of the month. I launched it with a ‘Late Lammas Launch’ event, which was very community and summery focused and was a lovely, lovely day with a massive turnout. My sister also came up from London to surprise visit me, which made me cry!

I then closed the exhibition for a week whilst I went to the Treehouse Festival, which was a brilliant heritage craft festival in Norfolk. It was absolutely fantastic.

When I returned, I opened up the exhibition for 3 days a week and the public programme started, which included a CRAG and a Culture Declares Emergency meeting. I also went on Ecotime again this month, was shortlisted/interviewed for a great Hedgerow Heroes project in Wakefield and had my mum come and visit. My elderly neighbour died as well, and a few of us on the terrace needed to step in and support the brother she had left behind in the house. It was really sad, and still is to be honest.

There was a lot of stress in tying loose ends together for my MA submission as well. I felt trapped and overwhelmed by it but just tried to do one thing at a time.

When I was brave/trusting: Going away to a festival alone, getting lifts from relative strangers, wearing shorts without leggings underneath, scaling a 30ft tree, getting back behind the wheel of a car!

Tarot Review: Daughter/Page of Swords was definitely about anxious enthusiasm and fresh situations lol – of which there was a lot! Eight of Swords is much clearer though, in terms of feeling trapped and stressed…



Son/Knight of Swords (2023 Spread)
This actually made me laugh out loud when I pulled it lol. This is the month when my final final MA deadline is, and this card is about forceful determination, and a narrow focus. I WILL get this all done! This fella also represents a kind of criticality that toes the line between hurtful and helpful.
Daughter/Page of Cups (2023 Birthday Spread)
So this one’s quite a peaceful card about creativity and a gentleness. Poss volunteer work or a new passion for something. Maybe something getting involved with something creative and different. Yeah, quite a peaceful serene card that struggles to deal with conflict

Panic and focus for the first week and then FREEDOM! I had just under a week to enjoy and individuate my exhibition – and enjoy some of the public programming events, including a Freedom Festival workshop, a Clay workshop with my artist friend Lucy and a Friends of the Earth get-into-activism event – without having my laptop out to work at the same time. I really love having access to a space like that in which to hold and host people to do lovely things together.

I also sold a work! A lovely guy called Simon fell in love with my ‘Bergonia Storm’ work, and bought it to hang in his front room once the exhibition closed. So that was awesome.

I then went for an amazing time in Scotland, on a friends farm for the Mabon ReUNION. I went a bit early, to help my friend set up but also to just have a bit of a rest. It was phenomenal, and I had the best time. I was genuinely in a place of happiness and joy whilst I was there, with the people I was with. I also learnt that my DREAM of having an eco hut in the woods is actually within reaching distance for me in Scotland… which has been a mega thing for me. And then I went for a few days at my mums in the Lake District on the way home, which was wonderful as well. September was such a loving, peaceful, joyful month. Really riding on a high.

Oh! And I also auditioned for, and joined a local Musical Theatre group! Massive anxiety! And I was welcomed in to perform in the upcoming ‘Villians of Musical Theatre’ show!

When I was brave/trusting: Went wild swimming in Scotland! Went wild swimming in Windemere! Getting in and out of a swimming costume in front of people! Auditioning! Singing in front of people again!

Tarot Review: Oh yes, both cards. I was definitely in a period of narrow focus whilst getting my MA submitted, and then spent the rest of the month creatively! And then I found a new creative passion, like the Daughter of Cups suggested!



Six of Swords (2023 Spread)
This also made me laugh. Transition! Hope at last! Light at the end of the tunnel! Recovery! This just screams ‘thank God that’s over’ lmao. But also something about reeling and processing stress – patience is the theme for this month because I’ll probably be lacking mental, emotional and creative energy. But it’s okay, I’ll process it and come up rainbows.
The Emperor (2023 Birthday Spread)
This is a card of leadership and knowing what to do in the right situation being tall. Being strong being a leader. This suggests that in October I will either need to take some position of leadership or find myself leading something. Or maybe it is just knowing what I need to do next and trusting that I will know what I need to do next

I planned to rest some, which I did. I focused a lot on my newfound musical theatre alter ego, rehearsing and sorting my costume out and that, which allowed me a bit of a break from my arting. The performance was towards the end of the month, and despite nerves and my props disappearing on the night, it all seemed to go well and I’m so massively proud of myself for doing what I did, especially considering it was only January when I actually sang for the first time in front of people! I sang Funny Honey from Chicago, accompanied by the organ and with three other actors on stage.

There was also the launch of the Blue Green Zine, which was the Fish x 14-16 Hull College media project I was involved with – that was really lovely, and the UNION weekend residency in Sheffield, which was good but really intense. There was also a mini mutual aid summit in Hull, and I went along to a few events, and I did a little workshop for the kids at Welcome House (refugee and asylum seeker hub in Hull). Alright month all in all, although there was a sense of losing all manner of (external) structure and realising that I am actually full-time self-employed now.

When I was brave/trusting: Performing!

Tarot Review: Six of Swords was bang on – not sure what the Emperor was on about though…



Six of Pentacles (2023 Spread)
God I bloody hate 5s. This ones about sadness, illness, being tired and weary. Being the pentacles, maybe November is going to be a really skint month (likely, as I won’t have been working much over previous months whilst I’ve been investing lots of time into my studies). Or ‘scarcity’ might come in form of loneliness, resources, energy… pentacles might mean by physical self? Am I going to be poorly this month? I just hope there’s not a mental health moment on the horizon (wolves at the door, always, and winter is always a challenge for me), or burn out from the year? There’s light at the top though, I need to remember there’s help there if I can just look up.
Nine of Pentacles (2023 Birthday Spread)
So this is about a pentacles material wealth material stability and it being nearly completed. So I’m nearly at the stage of reaping the rewards from my projects. Maybe no might be that so it’s like happy. A healthy home is a good card. Financial gain, stability, happiness, solo pleasures, something nice. Just a nice card. Really nice card for November

I was so ill for like the whole of November. It started a week before my Villians show, cleared up for that one performance day and then came back with a vengence for the WHOLE of November. It was like a cold / chest infection / flu-y affair. It was terrible.

But despite being really poorly, I went and carried on with life where I could. I had my graduation (passed at 87% booyah!) and it was lovely to be surrounded by family for it. I also went to Blackpool for the final UNION weekend – which was excellent as always (and surreal at times) but sad that the programme had now ended. My mum came to Blackpool whilst I was there and we got a hotel together with the idea of having a lovely few days… but I spent the whole day we had together laid up in bed in the hotel, because I couldn’t breathe and was that ill. Our Blackpool trip involved going to the pharmacy and a walk-in visit to get antibiotics lol. I got through SO much tissue, cough syrup, cough sweets, painkillers, decongestants and vaporub in November.

November was also the Humber Eco Fest, and I supported and gave a talk at the Green Fair (organised by Hull Friends of the Earth), did a podcast panel discussion with Timo Peach (Unsee the Future podcast) and joined a panel on climate anxiety at the festival conference. Talks/panels frighten me a bit but more the reason to do them, no?

When I was brave/trusting: Panel discussions, podasts and talks! Also, dancing as free as I could at the UNION weekend (I just fucking went for it, and dya know what? It was fun)

Tarot Review: Nine of pentacles… well aside from the illness, November was pretty chill and stable at home – seems a bit weak that one though. But that’s more than made up by the Five of Pentacles, as holy shit, you were right on the money… I was so ill this entire month!



Strength (2023 Spread)
Yessss what a banger to end the year end on. A Major Arcana again so it’s important. Patience, courage, mastery of emotion, fortitude, power. Finding a solution from working WITH the problem and not fighting against it. What’s also interesting is that on reading my previous post (about how 2022 went for me), a friend said that an image of the Strength card came to mind when reading about my wolves at the door. Maybe that’s what this is? Meaningful change takes time, after all.
Three of Cups (2023 Birthday Spread)
This is a nice card. This card is about connection and friendship and meeting up with old friends and friendship. Joy celebrations circle of support, a good card company. A lovely card for Christmas is going to be seeing lots of friends and full of love

Definitely a month of quality family time. I went down south for my brothers engagement party at the start of the month, and it was lovely seeing family that I’ve not seen in donkeys. We had a nice day out in York for my partners birthday too, and then my sister came back to visit for a week just before Christmas. Whilst she was here we did a joint singing set at the Adelphi again, she supported as a volunteer at another Welcome House workshop I delivered, joined in with a local pub quiz (and pub carol singing event lol), and we went to mark Yule at Pickering Road Community Orchard before going to see the Middlechild alt panto, Red Riding Hood! On Christmas Eve, once she’d gone, we went to a Nativity service at the local church with my partners brother and his young family. Lots of cosy family time.

Oh! Oh! I also had my first paid singing gig! I sang at the Tales and Scales Xmas event at Artlink, which was Narnia/festive themed. I didn’t know any Christmas songs by heart, nor did I want to do something boring… so I sang a feminist version of Santa Baby and ‘Merry Christmas Rishi Sunak’ (updated from a Billy Elliot classic). The mic wasn’t set up for singing I don’t think and I would’ve been too loud for that small space if I sang properly but I got some laughs and nice comments back.

I also went to some good watery events at Hull Uni – one about the Holderness Coast in support of this project there that I may/may not be involved in next year, and a networking-type event.

When I was brave/trusting: Singing again! The paid gig was terrifying, I can’t lie!

Tarot Review: So I know what Strength is about. I can’t really write publically here but it’s been very testing month for personal reasons, where I feel like this poor woman having to gentle wrestle this stressed out lion. And the Three of Cups speaks for itself really, doesn’t it?


In summary, it’s been a fantastic, chaotic, stressful, abundant, courageous, performative, loving, community-orientated, brilliant year. Probably one of the most colourful I’ve ever had, and I’m so thankful for every experience and connection I’ve had. Thank you to you too, reader, if you’ve been a part of it this year <3

My tarot readings were hit and miss… the annual spread was far more accurate than the birthday spread though. Which is interesting.


So what about 2024? What’s lined up? Well, artwise, apart from one Flourish at Ferens workshop next week and a Climate-themed panel discussion at the Ferens a fortnight after, and being part of a group show at 87 Gallery (What We Do), I’ve got nothing concrete lined up. At all. Zilch. Nada. Which is so different than all of 2023 where I had everything booked out like three months in advance. I feel like I’m really needing to trust the universe again – because there is next to nothing solid for me… yet. Got a few Fish things which are deffos though – Streams is continuing (yay!) and we’re due to do another Media student project again this year at the 14-16 college. Jill has also put in for a Fish-trail themed third print issue of The Critical Fish, which would be awesome if she/we’re successful.

I have, however, got things I want to do. I’ve submitted a bid to Hull City Arts to rework and install my seed ball as a public art piece in Pearson Park, so fingers crossed for that. I’ve also got the support of The Deep to do an artist residency there… which I need to write up into an ACE bid. And I’ve got a performance-petally-participatory project I want to do with friends at the Pickering Community Orchard. So there’s potentially lovely things ahead… but it all relies on me producing them. Which I get overwhelmed by. I’ve got SO many ideas for different things, different projects in different places with different people, but I can’t possibly produce them all. I need a producer in crime!

I’ve also had conversations with the Restoration Trust to maybe do something with their Norfolk group up at Spurn Point, which would be wonderful, and I’m in early conversations with Orb Community Arts to support a project up in N. Yorks. There’s also maybe something-maybe not with the Holderness Coast arts project led by Hull Uni, which would be great to support but not sure there’s enough funding there… but we’ll see. Again, very minimal/early conversations with Artlink about supporting the local refugee community across a few projects.

For 2025, there may be more Shorelines work, but that feels a very long way off yet!

Personally… well! I’m off backpacking around Bulgaria with my mum for a week in April! Which will be brilliant, I’ve no doubt!

I’m also continuing with my (reawakened) Musical Theatre hobby; there’s auditions for the big summer production of Into the Woods in a few weeks time. I think I’m going to try for the role of the Bakers Wife. It’s a lead role, but it’s the only one I see myself in, and doing really well with it. But Into the Woods only has a few parts in it, compared to the number of people in the company… so I’m not pinning my hopes on it. They said they’ll be doing smaller revue-type shows, so I’ll have them to work towards at least! Keeping this singing/performing thing up feels important to me… I can’t really afford singing lessons (my teacher is on maternity anyway) but I want to keep focusing on this, and getting better. Might even invest in a nice mic for myself lol. The Into the Woods show in is July anyway, with the smaller show in March!

There’s also a ReUNION again in summer, in the Peaks… but if I can go or not depends on the dates they pick and if I’m needed for rehearsals for Into the Woods (they’ve picked dates for the week before the shows”). I also want to visit my sister in London in June/July for her Degree Show, and then again for her graduation in October/November. And then go see my mum in the Lakes again at some point.

I’m continuing to pursue opportunities for COURAGE and TRUST in 2024, and I plan to add another. But I’m having trouble pinning another one (or two) down – I’m not sure what I need, or what the revised deal with the universe is yet. What about JOY? Or BALANCE? How about following my INTUITION more? Need to think some more.

Right, that’s it for me. I’m done writing now.

See you on the other side of New Year!


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